We provide consulting services within the global outsourcing sector.

Allbex provides consulting services within the global outsourcing sector

We are specialized in ICT, Outsourcing, Consultancy, Interim management , Project-, and Program Management in Antwerpen, Brussel, Gent.

International communication and connectivity is expanding every day, creating amazing opportunities
both personally and professionally.

Allbex is here to help you with management, consulting, and global outsourcing services surrounding
international professionals working in foreign countries.

Allbex started twenty years ago from a desire to combine all the knowledge and connections between
the large network of our founder, Ferdi Van Doorslaer.

Complex requests are our specialty and we love using our big international footprint for the benefit of our clients.

Our core value

We constantly push ourselves to be our best, we focus on solutions, and we arrive every day inspired to make an impact through our talents, passion and hard work.

Our mission

Our mission focusses on establishing a harmony between different divisions, teams, individuals in order to accelerate, change and transform.

Why do so many projects fail in business context and/or IT context?

How do you change operational processes and/or IT processes?

How do you retain the support of the entire company?

How do you involve all your human assets?

How does Allbex Consultancy achieve this, in these exciting new digital eras, we are facing?

Through multiple means, tools and approaches building this mutually beneficial relationship between all intended parties.

Business Innovation through IT Harmony, where humans are the key assets.

Our Vision

Allbex vision is about building a harmony within your organizations between Business and IT.

In such a way innovation and the competitive advantages are achieved that last.
Allbex consultancy helps organization to develop, translates and implement.
Based on +20 years of experience in different segments of the market within IT.

We make it happen, together with you!
In this way the primary partners, The Customer and the Shareholders benefits.

With Proud Employees that enjoy day in and day out, what and whom they represent.

Our Strategy

Innovation, Digitalization, Transformation and Continuous Improvement, are key elements for companies that want to be ready for the new demanding and stimulating times and competitive markets.

How do you as CEO or owner, organize your company and transform your challenges into opportunities?

How do you as manager create a win-win situation that is mutual helpful, for your organization?

How do you change your association towards a customer focused and centric delivery organization?

Innovation, Digitalization, Transformation and Continuous Improvement can be complex and intrusive.

Creating an environment where harmony is the key, allows your organization to prepare themselves for Collaboration, Fusion and change with the support from your most valuable key assets, you people.

Let's us go for a future beyond digitalization and digital transformation with new perspectives and opportunities for everyone.