Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What is your physical address?

Our office is located in the centre for  Antwerp and have no fysical retail store.
We ship the order directly to our customers 24/24 and 7/7..

Is the stock information on your website accurate?

Our information is as accurate as it can be.

We receive feeds from multiple suppliers daily and run updates multiple times per day.

If there is low stock of an item and multiple orders are placed for it, the first order paid gets the stock.

In this case we can usually special order the item in for you or refund you in full, fees and all.

Can I pick up all stocked items from your store?

We have no fysical store, you order is shipped directly from the manufacturer to your location.

What is your contact information?

To contact us, please visit our Contact Us page.

To find out more about us please visit our About Us page.

How do I order?

We offer an entirely self-service experience with day-to-day orders. Simply create an account and use our shopping cart and checkout process.

Larger quotes can be submitted via the Quotation Request form and will be reviewed.

The turnaround time can vary depending on quantity and price so if the order is time sensitive please let us know.

How long does it take to process my order?

After payment clears, orders are processed same or next business day.

Bank Transfers can take 1-3 business days to clear and your order can only process after payment has been confirmed.

Electronic and Credit card payments should clear same day.

How long does it take to deliver my order?

The standard delivery time for in-stock items  is 1-3 business days after your order is processed.

Rural areas can vary 2-7 business days.

Special Order items may require a longer period to arrive from 2-6 weeks.

The ETA is tentative and subject to change.

How do I track the status of my order?

You can find your order status in the My Account order section of our website.

For more information, please use our contact form and we can look into a more detailed view of your order processing.

Please allow approximately 3 business days before contacting us as a vast majority of orders arrive within this time frame.

Have your order number ready before calling.

Can I get a cheaper price for my order?

Our business model is quite competitive and sharp on pricing, usually with very little movement on single item purchases. Larger volume quotes can be submitted via the Quotation request form and will be reviewed.

Don’t forget that we recommend our Multi volume pricing, indicated below each product, so how more you buy how cheaper the price !

The turnaround time can vary depending on quantity and price so if the order is time sensitive please let us know in advance.

Can I only place orders via your website?

Yes, you can only place orders via our user-friendly website due to the automated nature of our system.

Our team doesn’t have a back-end way to create orders and you relaying the information for them to put into our website takes longer than just placing the order yourself.

For business and government customers we can take purchase orders at our discretion.

What happens if an item I order is out of stock?

If you place an order for an item that is out of stock, or an item with insufficient stock, we will special order the item in for you.

The standard lead time for special order items is 2-6 weeks but is subject to change.

Please note that items low on stock may also become out of stock by the time your order is placed and your payment has cleared.

Which couriers do you ship with?

We ship with most major couriers based on where it’s shipping from or to, volume, consolidating the order etc.

A signature is required for all orders at reception from the goods.

Our courier partners are B-Post and GSL, here below we provide you the tracking pages :

  1. B-Post

  2. GLS


Do you ship internationally?

We only ship within the BeNeLux and do not support other international destination orders at this time.

Do I need to register an account to place an order?

Yes, you will require an account to order with us. This helps track invoicing and previous orders as well as assist with warranty claims should you need to do so.

We only ask for the minimum information required to make a successful delivery and contact you should there be an issue.

You can create an account by following this My Account Link

Do you offer business accounts with monthly invoices?

Unfortunately, our business model is tailored toward orders being paid upfront.

For now, we don’t offer business accounts. An exception is made for government bodies via a purchase order though we do request payment within 14 days of receipt of invoice.

Is it safe to shop with you?

Absolutely. We’ve been trading over 10 years and take security very seriously.

We use a securepay system for credit card transactions and you can also pay via EFT or Mollie which offers security.

We also take fraud prevention steps on orders that are deemed suspicious or flag in our system.

What payment methods to you accept?

We accept Bank Transfer/deposit, Credit Card including MasterCard and Visa.

When do I receive my tax invoice?

A tax invoice is available in the My Account section 3-5 business days after the order has been delivered in full.

You can also request it via our contact us form after your order has been delivered in full.

Please include your order number when requesting the invoice.

Do your products carry warranty?

All our new stock comes with the manufacturer warranty (minimum 12 months) claimable within Belgium unless otherwise stated.

We also sell refurbished goods which have a specified seller warranty.

How do I return faulty or unwanted goods?

The first step of the process is to fill out the Return/Warranty Claim Form of our website. Returns are dealt with on a case by case basis after lodged.

Clik here to complete the RMA REQUEST form.

We will either assign a RMA number to your return and inform you of where you should send the faulty goods or decline and offer the reasoning.

You can see our full shipping and returns policy below :


Statutory Rights

No part of the Refunds and Returns Policy is intended to limit any rights or remedies customers may have under the Belgium Consumer Law..


Initiating a Return/Warranty Claim

Claims are initiated through the My Account section of our website by clicking Initiate Return / Warranty Claim. While we are obligated to help you process a warranty claim, there are reasonable steps we can ask a customer to undertake to assist us with the warranty claim. There are some claims that require you to contact the manufacturer to troubleshoot and obtain RMA advice before lodging a claim with us. In these cases, they will perform some initial technical support to see if the problem can be resolved without a claim. If it is then deemed to be faulty, they will organise with you to either have the product repaired or replaced. In many cases they may be able to advance replace the unit for you directly or they will refer you back to us with a case number for us to make a claim on your behalf through their Belgium Suppliers.

After initiating a claim, we will let you know if this will be required.


Return of Faulty Goods (Under Warranty)

Before sending any units back, you must initiate a return / warranty claim and receive a Return Authority Number (RMA number). You must select the faulty item from the list of products you have purchased and provide the faulty item’s serial number (for those items that have a serial number) and as much information as possible about the fault / problem. The RMA Number is generally valid for 7 days from the date of issue, in which time the faulty goods need to be received by our Service Centre. If the faulty goods may not be returned within 7 days please advise us as soon as possible so that we can contact and advise the receiving warehouse to take steps to ensure the goods are not rejected at delivery. The RMA Number MUST be clearly displayed on the return package. Any goods returned without an RMA Number will be not accepted and shipped back to you at your expense. Depending on the item we may require that it is returned with all original accessories (i.e. Power supply, cables, I/O shields, controllers, adapters, etc) to enable the faulty goods to be properly tested for the specified fault. The Service Centres reserve the right to reject incomplete or poorly packaged items where poor packaging may have resulted in damage to the item.

A refund for the amount paid for the item or a replacement item will be provided at our discretion for any goods returned under Express Store Warranty where the Express Store Warranty provide a remedy over and above the rights you have under Statutory Warranty provided for by the ACL. For claims under Statutory Warranty your rights are as provided by the ACL depending on whether the goods have suffered a major or a minor failure. A refund or replacement item will only be issued once the faulty item has been received and tested for the specific fault / problem specified in the Return / Warranty Claim and found to be faulty.

If a product is sold in a bundle with another product only the faulty product will be replaced or refunded with the non-faulty products valued at the individual product price as at the time of the purchase.


Dead-On-Arrival (DOA) Products

You must go through Return / Warranty Claim procedure outlined above in order for us to process your return / warranty claim. If the item is found faulty, we will either replace the item or refund the full amount of the order based on your choice. DOA claims must be lodged within 7 days of receiving the faulty stock.



All products sold by Allbex are covered by Statutory Warranty.  Most of the goods carry a 12-month Return-To-Base. Please contact the product manufacturer for Extended Manufacturer Warranty details, terms and conditions. As provided by the ACL it is up to you as the consumer to decide whether to deal with us or directly with the manufacturer with respect to your warranty claim under Statutory Warranty. However, where the manufacturer has a service centre network in Belgium you may find it more efficient to handle the warranty claim directly with the manufacturer as we don’t have the facilities to assess and repair under warranty. We would ultimately have to return the product to our supplier who will in turn need to return it to the manufacturer anyway. Dealing directly with the manufacturer will avoid the delay of the product being handled through the entire supply chain.

This process may add up to 4 weeks of extra handling time. PLEASE NOTE! All ex-government Apple products have a 6-month warranty.


Return of Non-Faulty Goods

Our Service Centres test for declared faults thoroughly, however if they find the item to have no faults or intentional damage to the item a 45€ service fee may be charged and the non-faulty item will be shipped back to you at your expense. If the item is found to be not faulty you will be required to pay the service fee prior to the goods being shipped to you. If payment is not received within 90 days, the goods may be sold to recover the service fee and any difference will be refunded to you.