Contract Manager

Contract managers play a critical role for an organization as they direct and oversee contracts throughout their lifecycle.

Serving as the liaison between companies, employees, customers, vendors, and independent contractors means contract managers serve as the main facilitators for negotiations, recommendations, record keeping, monitoring, change management, and more.

These are three key roles of a contract manager along with some best practices on how to keep everything organized so contract management is a smooth, streamlined process.


  1. Draft and revise a variety of contracts with customers
  2. Ensure the organizations internal contract documents are accurate and well maintained
  3. Meet with customers to discuss both legal and business matters
  4. Provide advice and guidance to the different teams relating to contract generation
  5. Maintain excellent working relationships with clients to ensure their needs are met
  6. Create, prepare, review and edit all contracts
  7. Provide support and advice on new potential businesses opportunities
  8. Identify opportunities to improve business processes and devise plans to implement these changes

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