Digital Tranformation Manager

In a fast-changing telecommunications market, it is more important than ever to maintain control and visibility of the performance of a multisourced environment.

Enterprise IT frameworks have become more complex especially with the rise of new hybrid technologies and services, provided by an ever-increasing number of suppliers.

The challenge for CIOs is to get their multiple suppliers to work together effectively and overcome the complexity of governing them uniformly.

Enterprises today are expanding their IT resources beyond their traditional IT footprint and managed services and, in the future, MSI services will be central to managing these large, complex, evolving communications infrastructures. Outsourcing the multisourcing service integrator role is a critical decision for any organization considering delegating vendor management to a third party.

Wed like to share with you Gartners new Market Trends: MSI-SIAM Buyer Behavior in Managed Communications Services study, which discusses market trends, challenges, vendors and recommendations as well as key conclusions.

Source: Gartner


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